"I understand that most crime in Lee County is fueled by drugs. My mission as Commonwealth’s Attorney is to combat this problem by aggressively prosecuting drug dealers. My office has a policy of offering very few plea agreements in cases involving the distribution of drugs—and these plea agreements are only offered in exceptional cases. We seek harsh punishments for all drug dealers. We will never completely eliminate drugs, but I believe that each drug dealer that we incarcerate will slightly reduce the number of drugs in circulation for illegal use and abuse. And over time, this will have a positive effect.


I also understand that we have a drug addiction problem in Lee County that requires creative and innovative solutions beyond incarceration. For those who are charged with nonviolent, petit crimes that are committed to fuel their drug addiction, I am a strong proponent of the Lee County Drug Court program and extremely proud of its success. In the Drug Court program, these defendants are required to get a job, perform community service, pay restitution and court costs for their crimes, and attend counseling and rehabilitation sessions. A successful graduate of Drug Court is a working, tax-paying, productive citizen of Lee County.


My office is modern, efficient, and always open to you. My office staff and I are proud to represent the citizens of Lee County. We follow the law and facts in every case, wherever it leads us. Please contact me or my office staff if there is any way we can assist you." 


- H. Fuller Cridlin, Commonwealth's Attorney for Lee County